The Liver Centre


Suite 3, Brockway House, 82-86 Queen St, Southport

Dr George Ostapowicz 5591 3155

Dr Lloyd Dorrington, 5591 4455


About us

The Liver Centre is a not for profit centre set up in October 2001 by gastroenterologists, Dr Lloyd Dorrington and Dr David Robinson to provide information and support to health professionals and the general public on a range of liver diseases. These diseases include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Haemochromatosis, Fatty liver and Alcohol related liver disease. Dr. George Ostapowicz joined the Liver Centre in September 2015 on the retirement of Dr. Robinson.
Dr. Ostapowicz trained in Newcastle, Melbourne and Dallas, Texas USA. He moved to the Gold Coast in 2001. Dr. Ostapowicz has over 20 years experience in treating patients with all aspects of liver disease. His medical interest and expertise covers the breadth of hepatology including Hepatitis B and C. Dr. Ostapowicz has significant research experience in hepatology, has published articles and presented at national and international conferences.
Dr Dorrington, who trained in Brisbane, Sydney and London, is well known and respected on the Gold Coast for his expertise and interest in Hepatitis C. He established the Liver Clinic at Gold Coast Hospital and for many years was involved in research trials using Interferon therapy and later Combination therapy (Interferon and Ribavirin) for treatment of people with Hepatitis C. Dr Dorrington also has had a long involvement as a guest speaker at the local Hepatitis C Support group as well as being a regular presenter at Hepatitis C education seminars for GP’s and other health professionals on the Gold Coast.
Julie Elmes is a registered nurse who has extensive experience in the management of Hepatitis C.  Her role at the Liver Centre is to support people who are considering or undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C.  

The Aims of the Liver Centre

1. To provide an information and support service to the Gold Coast population about various liver diseases.

2. To provide a local focus to disseminate information as to what is available on the Gold Coast in regard to diagnosis, treatment and support for various liver conditions.

3. To act as a resource centre for patients, community organizations and health professionals.

4. To promote community awareness of liver diseases and how they impact on people’s lives.

5. To help reduce the stigma and discrimination related to some forms of liver disease.

6. To present up to date research findings as they come to hand.

7. To provide treatment for Hepatitis C in a pleasant environment that respects people’s confidentiality and freedom of choice.

Contact and Location Details

For information and support, please phone Dr Dorrington  55914455  or Drs Ostapowicz/Sheikh 55913155 or call into Suite 3 The Liver Centre from Monday to Friday – 9am to 4pm.
The Liver Centre is situated on the ground floor at Brockway House, 82-86 Queen St, Southport. There is underground parking available.
A clinic also operates at John Flynn Hospital on alternate Tuesday mornings. Appointments can be made by ringing 55913155.


In regard to Hepatitis C, a trained nurse/counsellor is available by phone or appointment on Mondays to answer questions and provide information and counselling.
For people wanting to be assessed for treatment for Hepatitis C, a referral is required from a GP to either Dr Dorrington, Dr Ostapowicz or Dr Sheikh. For more information on this service and costs involved, phone The Liver Centre.
Specialist ancilliary services to the Liver Centre include access to dietitian and psychologist. These appointments will generally be made through a Care-Plan set up by your local General Practitioner.
Through a variety of community based organisations we can provide the public with a range of printed brochures on liver disease. 
We also encourage people to join the various support groups on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane to obtain further information.

Our Website 

We have endeavoured to provide up to date information on the liver and a range of liver disease.
In relation to hepatitis C, we have included a directory of links to other web sites together with as much local information as possible. This includes 'how to access' information, support, referral and treatment for hepatitis C.
There is an interactive section of the web site for questions and answers about liver disease and one for reporting new research as it comes to hand.

Web Site Disclaimer

The information presented in this web site is intended as a general guide only and is not intended to be medical advice. People should always seek appropriate professional advice on their particular circumstances and needs. To the best of our knowledge, the information is accurate and complete when posted to this site. The Liver Centre disclaims any liability to any person in respect to anything done or not done in reliance on the information in the web site.